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Welcome to biggame croatia

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Fishing is even more fun with us

Patrick Baier
Patrick Baier Owner / Skipper
has spent at least 8 weeks of the year in Croatia since he was a child. Even as a child he fished with local fishermen and thereby learned about traditional Croatian fishing, such as night fishing for lignje (squid), parangal (longline), panula (live bait trolling) and nocturnal spearfishing..
IThen, in 1998, he bought his first boat. After demonstrating initial success in the big game fishing on that boat, in 2003 he upped his game even further and purchased a bigger boat. Since then he has devoted himself exclusively to big game fishing for bluefin tuna, swordfish and shark. Patrick Baier has a skipper license for the open sea and all the necessary licenses for bluefin, swordfish, amberjack and albacore. Blue and thresher sharks are protected and released when caught.
The magazine Kroati.de says: "Patrick Baier is an indispensable part of the Croatian big game fishing scene."

Languages: German, English, Croatian
ThomasSkipper / Assistent
New to the team since 2020. He is fishing since he was able to hold a rod. After several years fishing and guiding for catfish at multiple fishing camps at river Po and various Popping Tours st the Indian Ocean he founds his real passion, the chase of Bluefintuna in croatian waters. He's been doing this successfully for a couple of years.

Languages: Bavarian, German, English
An experienced skipper and big game guide. His main target are tuna and his second passion is jigging for amberjack. Decades of long experience in big game fishing especially on tuna.

Languages: Croatian, English
Works exclusively on the boat Crni Tic (Tuna Bird)
With more than 20 years of experience in big game fishing, he is a professional fisherman and previously a spearfisher. He therefore knows the underwater world like no other. His favorite methods are jigging for amberjack, drifting for blue fin tuna and panula fishing for dentex.

Languages: German, English

Our service

What we offer

We have 4 big game boats at the base in Zadar and 1 boat in Sibenik.

We offer full-charter, big game fishing tours for bluefin, swordfish, amberjack, dentex, leerfish, dolphin fish (mahi-mahi), false albacore (little tunny). Our fishing techniques are: drifting, popping, jigging, slow jigging, bottom fishing, trolling as well as traditional live bait fishing for amberjack and dentex depending on the season.

We are fully equipped with tackle, guests do not need to bring their own equipment. The charter price includes the cost of the crew, diesel, fishing licenses and soft drinks. We have a limit for bluefin and can catch one specimen with more than 30 kg per trip, thereafter we "catch and release" or "tag and release".

The best months to fish for bluefin and swordfish are July to October. Bluefins then have an average weight of 50 kg. But there are some fish underway weighing more than 100 kg. The rule on board with us is safety first. The catch remains the possession of the boat.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just send us an e-mail. You can reach us at 0049-1788069669 during the season.

Boots and Tackle



Tuna fishing / trolling / spin fishing / jigging / slow jigging on Faeton 1040 Fly, 10.4 m. long, 3.5 m wide, 2 x 260 HP Yanmar diesel, radar, fishfinder, fly bridge, outrigger, combat chair, Sardamat, fully-equipped galley with stove, fridge. Air conditioning, 4 berths.
Optimal "fishing platform" for up to 5 anglers for daytrips, 2 daytrips with overnight stay on board, or "Kornat Island Hopping" (5 days on board, overnight stay in apartment on various islands, dinner in Konobas / restaurants with regional, maritime & international specialties). Base Zadar

Crni Tic (Tuna Bird)

Crni Tic (Tuna Bird)

Boat Crni Tic (Tuna Bird), based in Sibenik for bookings of 2-3 days but Zadar is also possible 8 meters long, 2.80 meters wide, 3500 kg driven with a 150 hp shaft drive diesel, the boat has a cruising speed of 15 knots and top speed of 20 knots. The boat has a toilet, radar, fishfinder, scanner, stern commander, cabin, an additional highlight is a Minn Kota engine which enables perfect panula fishing or over wrecks.
Skipper Damir works exclusively on the boat.



When you fish with us, you will only use high-quality tackle brands such as Shimano, Daiwa and Penn. We are fully equipped with rods and reels from 20-130 lbs stand-up and trolling. We also have jigging rods in PE 3-10 as well as high-quality stationary reels, such as Shimano Stella, Daiwa Dogfight , Shimano Saragosa. We also have popping and spinning equipment, as well as bottom fishing / slow and inchiku jig fishing equipment. This means you do not have to bring an extra tackle and can save the extra costs on the plane.

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Patrick Baier

Karl.-Evang-Str.42 - 42897 Remscheid

+49 (0) 178 8069669


Patrick Baier
42897 Remscheid

  • +49 (0) 178 8069669

  • info@biggame-kroatien.de